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We provide committed and responsible English home tutors for students in primary school and secondary school, as well as for students taking their PSLE and GCE O Levels

Singapore’s top English tuition centres and enrichment centres also hire their best  English tutors from our home tuition agency 

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Achieve Solid Improvements In Your English Exam Results

Exceed Expectations In Your English Grades

Having a strong command of English will allow you to make significant progress in school.

Your skills for listening, reading, speaking and writing are crucial in ensuring that you thoroughly understand not just the lessons in English, but are able to correctly read, understand and answer the exam questions in Maths, Science, Geography, Social Studies, and History too.

Build a strong foundation in English, so that you can start to score well in all of your school subjects.

Ms Gina Ho is a former MOE teacher. As a member of our tuition co-ordinator team, she actively notes the popular English tutors who have received positive feedback from parents and students, based on the tutors’ qualifications, teaching style and ability to help students’ grades improve. She takes great pride in knowing exactly which tutors to shortlist because their personalities and track records would suit each of our student-clients.

As Gina loves the English language, her goal is to help ignite her student’s passion for the subject. By selecting English tuition teachers who make their lessons engaging and relatable, Gina helps many students  develop a strong interest in writing and become independent learners. Her motivation to teach comes from her firm belief that her students are acquiring a valuable skill that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Gina has a Bachelor’s from NUS, majoring in English and English Literature. She is NIE-trained (MOE Education Merit Scholar).

Mr Terrance Yap taught at a SAP school for 7 years. He is a tuition co-ordinator at English Tuition in Singapore, and leads a team that specializes in primary school English tuition assignments.

His goal is to find the best tutor match for students of different personalities and abilities, so that they enjoy the learning process. 

Whenever a professional and friendly English tuition teacher is selected to teach a reluctant or hesitant student, we are able to see that he or she blossoms into a confident English student within 1 to 2 months. We have many students and parents who contact us to thank us for having the best database in Singapore for English home tutors, and he sees it as his responsibility to ensure that his team of English private tutors are matched with students who would appreciate their teaching methods. 

Terrance hopes to help students discover the beauty and value of mastering the English language. What he finds most meaningful about tutor matching is learning about each student’s unique strengths and helping them fulfil their academic and personal potential.

Terence has a Bachelor’s in English from NTU (2nd Upper Class Honours), and is NIE-trained.

Founded & Managed By Former MOE Teachers

english tuition in singapore

Qualified Tutors

Ms Bernadette Chan taught at MOE schools for 15 years and was Level Head for English at a top all-boys’ school. She understands the challenges faced by students when learning English, whether their main difficulties are in continuous essay, oral, or comprehension.

Bernadette supervises her own team of tuition co-ordinators who are former MOE teachers.

She feels the greatest meaning and sense of joy in her work when parents or students contact her to give favourable comments about the tutors that were recommended to them by English Tuition In Singapore.

Bernadette has a Bachelor’s in English  from the University of Cambridge, and is NIE-trained.

Ms Wendy Wong taught at neighbourhood schools for 9 years, and leads a team that specializes in secondary school tuition assignments at English Tuition In Singapore.

Wendy has seen first-hand how students’ weak foundation in English that started in primary school will cause learning difficulties when preparing for the PSLE, and when the student starts secondary school.

She is passionate about teaching and believes in the importance of a holistic education. Her goal is to help students become independent learners and effective communicators which will enable them to succeed in all areas of their lives.

Wendy has a Bachelor’s in English and English Literature from NUS (First Class Honours), and is NIE-trained (Merit). 

Get the best English Tuition In Singapore only with us.

✔ Tutors from English Tuition In Singapore are highly qualified English experts
✔ Each carefully-shortlisted tutor that we recommend to you has between 2 to 30+ years of tuition experience, and has an excellent track record in improving their students' English grades
✔ Hired under stringent criteria, they are MOE current/ex teachers, or have PhD's/Master's/Bachelor's/relevant undergraduate degrees

Master The English Language Effectively

Although every child’s abilities differ, it is possible for you to have outstanding English grades with the help of capable home tutors and proven teaching methods.
Our English tutors have consistent achievements in helping the grades of our students improve within 3 months.
When you hire tutors from English Tuition In Singapore, you will be proficient in:
 Composition, Grammar, Comprehension & Oral Exam Techniques
Critical Thinking & Creative Writing Skills
 Primary School, Secondary School, PSLE  &  GCE O Levels Intensive English Private Tuition
 Accurate Ways To Answer Difficult & Tricky Exam Questions Because Of Personalized Guidance From Experienced, Dependable & Qualified Home Tuition Teachers
Proven Methods For Grades To Improve, Knowledge Retention & Revision
 Learn Correct Knowledge From Professionals, So That Your Exam Answers Are Compliant With The Current MOE Requirements

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We understand that as a responsible parent, you are looking for improvement in your child's performance in class. Your main concern is to find the right tuition teacher who can rekindle your child's interest in English and help him or her achieve better results. At English Tuition In Singapore, we carefully analyze the learning needs of each student so that we can help bring out the best in him or her in a targeted and calibrated manner. We bring back the pure and simple joy in teaching and learning. Major improvements in English exam results are the result of your child regaining his or her eagerness to learn and acquire valuable and relevant knowledge from their tuition teachers.

Private tutors from English Tuition In Singapore emphasize the growth mindset and proven MOE scaffolding skills in order to cater to diverse students' language abilities and grade goals. This combination has resulted in consistently good English grades for our students from lower primary to upper secondary levels - and in particular for students taking the PSLE and GCE O Level exams. With our strong team of dedicated educators, we are able to evolve our teaching methods in accordance with the latest changes in the education system

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English Tuition Teachers Who Bring Positive Changes

We keep our lessons fun and lively.

Our students are actively engaged in exam paper practice and discussion, using the latest MOE syllabus and exam requirements.

Your tutor is patient, knowledgeable and gives clear explanations.

Asking questions is easy because our teachers are approachable. 

Lessons are beneficial and tuition classes become enjoyable

We call it motivation-based learning.

english tuition in singapore

Latest MOE Syllabus

Every lesson by your tutor from English Tuition In Singapore will accelerate conceptual learning with precise information, logical organization and selective examples.

We constantly refresh and choose our teaching materials so that what we teach is the most up to date relevant syllabus required by the MOE.

english tuition in singapore

Correct Content, By Qualified Tuition Teachers

Each of our shortlisted tutors from Tuition In Singapore scored an A for for their own school and national exams.

We want to ensure that they are teaching you error-free and faultless content, because you can score the highest grades only when you are able to give the answers that the MOE/SEAB requires.

Depending on your learning needs during each tuition session, we will gauge your attention span, curiosity and various learning styles (visual, logical and kinesthetic) and deliver the objective of that lesson or chapter, effectively.

We optimise knowledge acquisition and exam revision - so that you can confidently answer unexpectedly difficult exam questions.

english tuition in singapore

Score Higher Marks

Together with our ability to help students apply the knowledge that they have learned, academic excellence and MOE syllabus familiarity, our professional teachers from from English Tuition In Singapore have been helping students from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 consistently achieve much better results.

New Approach For The New Generation Of Students

Your capable private tutor from English Tuition In Singapore uses a blend of creative materials and engaging teaching techniques.

You will therefore be able to learn and improve at a steady and measurable pace, and never be  anxious when waiting for your homework, test or exam results. 

Every child is unique, so our tuition teachers pace the lessons to match your ability and preference. When the tutor reduces stress and keeps the lessons fun, you learn faster


Components In English Exams

Tackle problems in Composition, Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary & Oral.

Practice on English questions and learn the step-by-step strategies to answer them fast and accurately.

Our methods are pedagogically sound.

This is the result of recruiting tuition teachers who are not only technically competent but also committed to their chosen profession. 


Qualified & Professional English Tutors

Experience the difference in quality yourself
Yes. We have the proven teaching methods. We have the track records.
And we are confident that we can help improve your English grades.


Experienced Tuition Coordinators

Most of our tuition coordinators are former MOE teachers who carefully select from a dedicated team of exceptional tutors.

They are part of our team because we share a common vision – to ensure that parents and students have access to the best English tuition in Singapore.

Our students gain a more in-depth appreciation of the English language after lessons that teach them how to gather, analyze and apply English using the most appropriate words – for maximum impact.

Boost Your Child's English Grades

English can be a challenging subject for many students in Singapore. The process of mastering the English language can be so difficult that students dread English lessons. The learning experience can be worsened if the English tutors you picked do not know how to ignite your child’s interest in the language.

english tuition in singapore

Reviews From Parents & Students

Before Ms Lim started teaching me, I scored less than 60. Unlike school, her tuition lessons are taught in a fun way. We created useful concepts maps together. By the next examination, my grades improved by 15 marks.
James Teo
After 4 months of lessons with Mr Chin, my grades were pulled up, from C to A. My cousins were so jealous.
Kang Jun Ho
Ibrahim was preparing for his PSLE. He was struggling to express himself clearly and had little confidence in his writing. Within 4 months, Mr Hamid guided Ibrahim to analyze questions and actively discuss and present his ideas. These activities helped Ibrahim to broaden his knowledge and overcome his shyness. As a result, his grade improved from C at the beginning of P6 to A at his PSLE.
Mdm Aisha
Ms Archana's way of teaching is clear and logical. She helps me a lot in my studies, and my English improved from B to A within 2 months.
Harvinder Kaur
I can always ask questions without having any fear that I will be laughed at. During lessons, we learn faster than school and that gives me more revision time.
Tan Jin Ling
My tutor used the first lesson to understand the problems I was facing. She recommended good books for me practice with. My results improved from B to A within 2 months.
Chia Tze King
Ms Pang plans in different activities to make the lessons fun and easy to understand. Most importantly, she believes in me.
Jerry Chow
Passionate and dedicated. Madam Koh has given Steven a lot of confidence in English because she knows the right answers to the difficult exam questions and teaches Steven in a very patient and clear way. Madam Koh helped to bring out the best of Steven for PSLE. Since then, Steven has become much more comfortable with English.
Vidhu Pillay
Before I started tuition with Teacher Andrew, I did not know a lot of things and thought tuition was boring. After about 2 months, I was happy with the new knowledge that I learnt. English homework became less stressful.
Cheryl Ang
My experience with Ms Bernice was memorable. She made learning fun and taught me many strategies for creative writing and comprehension. I found the methods helpful and effective.
Shaheda Arrifin
I felt encouraged. I used to fail Paper 2. After Ms Ho started to teach me, I managed to get above 50 in that paper. I learnt how to read the questions correctly, so my answers were more on-point.
Fatima Shabbir Sadriwala
I was bad at English and did not know how to differentiate the rules and concepts. After 6 months with Ms Begum, my Paper 1 and Paper 2 became much more manageable. My English score improved from C to B.
Chang Su Lian
Sebastian was my tutor from English Tuition In Singapore. He was patient, encouraging and willing to help whenever I need guidance. Lessons were detailed and enjoyable.
Philip Ng
I’ve learnt about grammar rules and patterns. I looked forward to lessons with my teacher. He made English interesting.
Clara Hong
Knowledgeable and entertaining! When Ms Janice teaches, she makes sure there is never a dull moment for English. Best part is that she shows many valuable skills not only about the theory but also how to apply when answering exam questions. Her lessons are animated and I really enjoy them.
Ong De Jun
My teacher from English Tuition In Singapore is a very funny coach and made sure that I was able to apply whatever he taught me. He believes that every student would excel in their studies if they put in effort and were consistent in what they did. He has been teaching me since PSLE and I am taking my O Levels this year. I started with a C, and have been maintaining B's and mostly A's all these years.
Gordon Tan
Madam Goh is very engaging and knowledgeable. Her lessons are rather humorous and she makes composition writing a lot easier because she always describes so many life experiences that are related to the essay topics. I am able to better understand and visualize how the story should develop. Her enthusiasm during the class always keeps me energized. I would highly recommend hiring a tutor from English Tuition in Singapore. We found good tutors for my P5 sister and Sec 3 brother. All 3 tutors have helped us enhance our answering skills and exam techniques.
Ashley Cheang
It was my home tutor from English Tuition In Singapore who made me love English. I was in the B range since the beginning of P5. However, my tuition teacher planned different projects to make the lessons fun and easy to understand. Most importantly, she believes in me. Thank you English Tuition In Singapore for the best learning experience (and my A's in secondary school)!
Kenny Teng
Before started lessons with Mr Henry, I scored less than 60. Unlike school, lessons by him are taught in an entertaining way. He uses simple terms to make it easy to learn and remember. During tuition, we create concepts maps together and the concept maps were very useful. These maps contain good answers and approaches for answering the examination questions. By the next examination after I started tuition, my English improved by 15 marks.
Ingrid Lee
The private tutor I hired from English Tuition In Singapore is very dedicated and inspiring. Through her encouragement, John began to take initiative to do his school homework. He also tells me that he enjoys practicing and revising for his exams more than before because he knows how to give the correct answers now. I am thankful that the home tutor from English Tuition In Singapore helped boost John's confidence in the language. He scored AL2 in P5.
Sarah Heng
My family and I would like to recommend Samuel's tuition classes and services for the students out there. My English result improved by 2 grade points after attending his classes. I scored an A1 for O levels. The highlight of his class was essay writing as it was conducted using a very unconventional and engaging style. Samuel used not just regular points found in typical essays but also from his industry experiences that he had gathered over the years of teaching in MOE schools. It was a very enjoyable process learning English with Samuel and at the same time, about him too. Good job Samuel! Definitely miss your classes!
Michael Teo
English Tuition In Singapore has wonderful teachers. We were able to find good English tutors for my best friend and me. Gillian and Marcus are incredible. Friendly, highly skilled and patient. They explain everything very clearly and use relevant examples that we can understand in order to apply correctly. Lessons are always interesting and high energy. Marcus and Gillian encourages us very often especially whenever we make careless mistakes. This inspires us to give our best.
Liling Tay
My son had been very reluctant and showed very little interest in the English language. But when Jess started teaching him, Kian Seah felt more confident with his homework (there is always a lot of homework from this school) and exams. Jess even went the extra mile of calling Kian Seah and checking on his homework and problems in school. Jess was a great mentor, tutor and friend to Kian Seah. Jess had given him a lot of encouragement throughout the time from the beginning of the year until the final examinations. Secondary 4 was hell for many students, but Kian Seah managed to pull through with relative ease. Jess has made a great difference to Kian Seah's character through her tuition classes. Not an ordinary tutor. Definitely a highly recommended (and rare) one.
Joanna Neo
My teacher from English Tuition In Singapore is very friendly and approachable. I can always ask her for better methods to write my ideas, or why my answers were wrong. The best part is that she tells me funny stories to make things easier to remember. And gives small treats whenever I get an A.
Shirley Chong
Jacob has been the perfect coach to our son Saravanan. His grades improved almost immediately after attending his tuition lessons. Saravanan wished he had found Jacob sooner as Jacob has helped raise his grades up beyond his imagination. Jacob's classes are enjoyable and he makes a "boring" topic come to life. During Saravanan's time with him, he constantly looked forward to Jacob's lessons. He was the only English tutor that had managed to spark his interest in the English language.
Siti Kamar
Rebeka has been an amazing tuition teacher, during Sec 3 and Sec 4. She helped Sharon's grades improve, and also motivated her in all her other subjects. Rebeka's life skills talks and advice had changed the way that Sharon felt about studying. She made a huge difference to bring out the best in Sharon. Thanks so much Rebeka and English Tuition In Singapore!
Leong Chun Kiat
I enjoy Ms Valerie's classes a lot. She is very approachable and answers my questions even when I messaged her outside tuition hours. I feel very supported when I have Ms Valerie as my English tuition teacher. Thank you for your dedication and guidance.
Teo Wan Theng
Boon Seng had been failing English since the latter part of Primary 4. None of the tutors I've hired could help him until I found Doris from English Tuition In Singapore. Doris spurs his interest in English and Boon Seng will often tell me stories about his tuition classes and how he can now go about remembering the different rules in grammar. I am so thankful for Doris's commitment and professionalism in changing Boon Seng's attitude towards his studies and working with him for a score that we would not have imagined is possible.
Peggy Boey
Wanqing was an average student scoring below average results in school. We did not know how to motivate her to make an effort in improving her English. We tried tried various education and tuition centres and enrichment lessons, but Wanqing just was not interested. Almost all the subjects that she was taking need her to be good in English. For example, if Wanqing cannot understand the Science question correctly because her English is weak, she would not be able to answer properly
Madam Chan is very helpful and supportive. She has taught many other students who used to be very weak in English. To help Wanqing understand her Science questions better, some of the tuition sessions were focused on helping Wanqing practice reading and answering Science exam questions. This helped tremendously. Wanqing's grades for English and Science improved from C to B, and she gets A sometimes.
Mrs Khoo
My vocabulary is very limited, and I do not like to read widely because that means I won't have time to study for the rest of the other secondary school subjects. Mr Johnny started by helping me learn (and remember) the simpler words. My essays became much more interesting because Mr Johnny is very good at creative writing. I am also a more confident speaker now, so my Oral marks are getting better. I still need to improve on my grammar, and now that I have learned a few good basic steps that I can apply whenever I do worksheets, I think I should be able to score at least a B for my English O Levels.
Yong Sheng Hao
Daniel enjoys Ms Yip's classes very much. Unlike before, he will get ready and make sure that the homework that Ms Yip gives to him is completed before she arrives. Ms Yip has been very encouraging to Daniel. She cheerfully acknowledges every improvement that he has made and that makes him more motivated than before. Thank you Ms Yip and English Tuition In Singapore!
Xue Panyu
I love attending Olivia's classes. The lessons are relevant and I learn a lot at the same time. The notes that she has given to me are so easy to learn and use. The concepts are taught very clearly and effectively. With the notes, I have no problem with doing my own revision in between tuition sessions.
Reshma Sugumaran
I scored between 40 to 50 marks for English in the first half of Secondary 1. After twice a week lessons by Mr Chua, I have never failed English. I mostly get B's and I managed to answer previously unfamiliar questions. Our target now is for me to get an A for my English O Levels.
Asra Andari
Mr Chong is very passionate and dedicated. His coaching engages Rosman, and his English grade went up by one grade at his next exam. Mr Chong goes the extra mile, motivating him to set a higher goal, and he works alongside Rosman to achieve it. The improvement in his grades, as well as setting and achieving new goals has changed Rosman's attitudes towards his life. Since then, he has become more confident in taking up different challenges.
Puteri Zibidin
Teacher Stephanie, I really appreciate all the hard work and efforts that you had put into preparing Jonathan for his school exams ever since you started to tutor him since Primary 4. He is always praising how friendly and helpful you are. Now that he has achieved A1 for his O Level English, we believe the credit largely goes to you. Thank you so much!
Kenneth Khong
English is the most confusing subject. I don't know how I survived primary school and PSLE. Now that I am Secondary 1, I need my English to get better because the questions for the other subjects are all in English and are getting more and more tricky. Teacher Jeremy is great. He is a former MOE teacher and his blog is very interesting. He taught me now to write in a less boring way, and my compo grades went up by 10 to 15 marks this past year. Paper 2 is much more manageable now that I know how to break down the paragraphs and questions in the way that I can grasp better.
Wong Cai Jie
Audrey's tutor from English Tuition In Singapore is very engaging. He has practical ideas and strategies that he describes clearly and patiently. Ever since P4/P5, Audrey has been struggling with comprehension. She has always been scoring around AL5 or even AL6 for English. Audrey's weakest subject was English and we were so worried. We had tried several enrichment classes and tuition teachers to help improve her English Paper 1 and Paper 2 scores, but her grades still could not improve. Ever since Winston started to be her English home tutor, she has strengthened her vocabulary, comprehension and composition skills greatly. She finally managed to score AL3 at the end of P5. Thank you Winston and English Tuition In Singapore, for your professionalism!
Mrs K. Lim
We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Mr Leong for teaching William since the beginning of Secondary 1. William is now in Secondary 4 and his English (and enjoyment of English) has improved tremendously over the years. My family and I would like to thank Mr Leong and English Tuition In Singapore from the bottom of our hearts.
May Wee
During my English tuition lessons with Mr Raj, I learn more new words. This helps me to describe nouns and make use of precise verbs. My comprehension improved from 6/10 to 10/10, and I scored over 91 marks overall!
Kartika Supriyadi
Teacher Walter is very fun-loving and cracks many jokes! I love his humorous teaching style because I feel less awkward when I make mistakes or don't know how to tackle the difficult questions. I learnt how to better answer open-ended comprehension questions, comprehension cloze questions, and I picked up many vocabulary words. I also learnt many useful writing skills to help my essays have more compelling content. My English improved from a 91 to 95 to get a high A*. I am now in Year 2 of the Integrated Programme, and Teacher Walter is still teaching me.
Raine Lee
Up till Secondary 3, I rarely scored high marks for my school examinations for English. After Ms Peggy from English Tuition In Singapore started to teach me, my grades for Composition began to improve. The writing skills that I learnt during her lessons helped me a lot in my Continuous Writing. I can now plan essays confidently during my exams. For someone like me who usually scores 'B's for my English exams, an A in English for my O Levels was in many ways because of the hard work that Ms Peggy put in to make sure that I got everything right.
Ken Ong
Noel was rather weak in composition writing. Despite reading up and doing past years' papers, he could not achieve a breakthrough to score what he wished for, which was an A for his English PSLE. From the first tuition lesson, Mr Benedict was very committed to help Noel get more marks in the sections that he was weakest in. Mr Benedict is very caring and determined for Noel to succeed, and this strong support and encouragement helped Noel want to work harder. When the PSLE results came out, we were thrilled that Noel scored an A*. He was accepted into a good school that offers the Integrated Programme. Noel's classmates' grades are always good, and we are less worried about Noel's performance because Mr Benedict is still teaching him.
Mrs Chin
Sandra was so excited for her next tuition class. She kept saying that the tutor from English Tuition In Singapore is really patient, kind, nice and encouraging. Sandra enjoys lessons so much, and is all smiles after her lesson ends. She kept saying many nice things about Mr Chua. Honestly, throughout the many enrichment classes I've sent her to, this is the first time she has mentioned non-stop about how much she enjoys her English lessons. It makes a whole lot of difference when a tuition teacher shows their passion, and commitment towards their students. Even the tuition coordinators were very professional, helpful and resourceful. ⁣I'm so glad that we chose such a good tutor from English Tuition In Singapore. Once again thank you for making classes so interesting, fun and engaging.
Felicia Tiong
In the past, I skipped many tuition lessons because they were so VERY boring. My grades were never good, but they really tanked toward the end of Sec 1 because of course, the syllabus and requirements in Sec 1 are more demanding than in primary school. My mum selected a private tutor from English Tuition In Singapore. I was very skeptical but my grades were really bad and I knew they would get worse if I didn't put in some effort. Mr Wee is the best! He is friendly, nurturing and knows the important things I must do in order to score higher marks. Almost every lesson, he and I would choose a topic so that I can write a short essay. We would plan the storyline, debate why the plot works (or does not), and select the words that can make a bigger impact. My English grades went from around 53/100 at the beginning of Sec2, to 68/100 at the end of Sec2. I believe Mr Wee, when he says that with the hard work that I am putting in, I will comfortably score an A for my O Levels. Thanks Mr Wee!
Jerad Tan
I am so relieved that I managed to find a reliable English tutor. Meredith is a very good teacher. She is engaging, very clear with explanations and inspiring to Ananth, thorough with the content and also marking of essays. Meredith gives constructive and tactful feedback in a way that Ananth can understand and digest, as well as apply. I have seen good improvements in the quality of Ananth’s writing. Previously he used continuous run-on sentences, and now he has a couple of mini-masterpieces which he proudly shares with me. I love the way that Meredith responds to Ananth whenever he completes her homework. She will write one or two more questions to get Ananth to think further instead of just writing an ordinary compo. Meredith has also managed to inspire Ananth to write poems too! I feel that Meredith takes great pride in her profession. We can tell from Ananth's enthusiasm and grade improvements.
Mohammad Bin Abdul Rashid
Siang Guan started lessons with Ms Bay in the middle of Sec 2. We chose her because she has many years of experience, and has a Master's in English Language. Siang Guan was struggling to form basic sentences. Siang Guan is now in Sec 3, and has chosen to write a seventeen-page story for fun at home. He laughs that he might one day write a book! We have been very happy to see such a significant amount of progress in Siang Guan's writing skills. Thank you Ms Bay, for your hard work.
Madam Shirlyn Cheong
I have seen huge progress in my vocabulary and writing skills within a year! I don’t think I would’ve been able to achieve a consistent A for my English this year if I hadn’t started lessons with Ms Zumana.
Pavitraa Vijayan
Thank you to Ms Pauline for teaching and guiding me throughout P6. You always plan an amazing lesson packed with videos that can help me write better compo's. Even when you "scold" me for making careless mistakes for comprehension and grammar, you can do it in such a nice way. You gave me helpful notes and tips. My grades went from borderline A in P5, to A* in PSLE. Thanks so much!
Tava Marudhamuthu
I managed to develop a better composition structure, and Mr Ong was very helpful when guiding me through intensive preparation for my O Levels. The comprehension topics that he chose for me were very challenging, and everything in school seemed easy in comparison. Overall, Mr Ong's strict requirements for my practice answers made my O-Level English exam seem like what I had practiced with him in Sec 3. I scored an A for my English.
Henry Toh
Ms Goh always ensures that I understand what she is teaching. She helps me interpret the logic behind grammar, composition, comprehension and open-ended questions.
Ritz Ridzuan
I was feeling lost. My classmates are able to cope with the different types of writing (descriptive, narrative, persuasive, expository etc). My essays are always...flat. Ms Chin gave me good examples to learn from. I now write much better, and the confidence has spread to my compre skills too.
Joshua Lee
I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from my lessons with Mr Joo Huat. The use of verbal discussions is very effective. He ensures that I have a chance to speak up and state my points. This helps me think through more clearly about what I want to write in my compo practice, as well as in Oral. Mr Joo Huat tells me the topic that he wants me to think about, one week in advance. This allows me to do some background research beforehand before we start the next lesson. My writing is much more focused now, and I present my points more assertively. I have seen a huge improvement in my vocabulary and writing skills within a year! I don’t think I would’ve been able to achieve a consistent A for my English this year (IP Year 3) if not for Mr Joo Huat.
Stanley Ang
Ms Teresa's worksheets are very nicely planned out. The vocabulary I have learnt is really helpful for my essays. I am now able to better plan out my essays and compre answers. This helped with my SA2 papers 1 and 2, and boosted my overall English exam results by 12 marks.
Jasmine Chua
I visited several English home tutor websites. We chose a tutor from English Tuition In Singapore. The qualifications, number of years of teaching experience, and the types of schools the tutors taught at are really impressive.
Cedric Wong
Madam Hong always has a positive, can-do attitude. She also marks my compo's carefully, and gives me very useful feedback.
Helen Yeong
Mr Bernard's lessons are very creative and different from other tuition teachers. I like learning from him because he uses very good methods that have helped boost my grades.
Meenatchi Chockalingam
I got a B3 for my Mid-Year exam but I eventually got an A1 for my End-of-Year exam. It's my first A1 and I was the highest in class.
Nadhirah Jamil
I have learned how to understand comprehension questions as I now know what words or phrases like ‘effect’, ‘intended purpose’ and ‘reference’ really mean. I have learned a lot on how to improve my composition - like not being so verbose and writing unnecessary, off-point things.
Krittika Kaur
Monica is very fun and is sensitive to Esther’s needs. She chooses topics that Esther is interested in, so that the practice sessions are not boring. Esther tells me that she has learned how to summarise the compre passage, use pictures or words to search of clues in the visual text compre and various composition techniques. I am busy at work, and am not familiar with any of this, so I am glad that English Tuition In Singapore has so many competent tutors whom I could choose from. And Monica came highly recommended, so we are really grateful to have found her.
Dr Alicia Teo
English is very difficult for me because we do not speak it at home or among friends. I am a lot more comfortable with Mandarin, but all the other school subjects are taught in English. Mr Melvin has been teaching me since P3, and he understands the problems I am having with English. He knows that have been getting A's for Chinese, and with his hard work, I managed to get an A for PSLE. I am so relieved. Thanks so much, Mr Melvin!
Ng Kar Long

Our Commitment To Quality

Our result-proven teaching methods help students develop keen interest in studying English and hence boost their performance in school.

Tutors from English Tuition In Singapore are constantly reviewing the latest MOE English syllabus, so that we can develop the best  teaching techniques to help you achieve your goals.

English Tuition In Singapore commits to:
★ Effective tutoring methods
★ Helping you gain valuable marks quickly
★ Guiding your improvement and enjoyment in the English language

You will get master techniques to answer complex and novel challenges, so that you are fully prepared when you enter the exam hall

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We understand that finding a good English tuition teacher in Singapore can be a tedious task. You know that that ultimately, when you feel that your home tutor is credible, sincere and friendly, you will progress much further than you imagined.

Hire a suitable English private tutor, so that your grades can improve.

Contact English Tuition In Singapore, and you are already one step closer to achieving better results.

Our English home tutors for Advanced and Fundamental English lessons use proven, unique strategies to acquire effective writing techniques and skills
We want you to be able to be exposed to a variety of text genres and literary forms; expand your vocabulary repertoire through contextual understanding and application in your essays; acquire writing skills, techniques and strategies such as the usage of figurative language and the exploration of impersonal writing.

You will be able to master clear story development, and create cohesive compositions that show unbroken chains of relationships among the paragraphs. You will use advanced sentence structures that employ different literary methods in writing to keep the readers interested and engaged. Develop your own distinctive writing style to distinguish yourself from other beginning and intermediate writers.

Students often give up on a subject because they were not able to grasp the basic concepts that their school teachers tell them are important for exams. They then gradually lose motivation. Tutors from English Tuition in Singapore equip our students with a firm understanding of English by first recognizing their strengths and challenges. As a result, every 7.6 out of our 10 students scored A in their exams. We have devised a systematic blueprint that helps students' grades improve at least one grade within 3 months.

Start effective English tuition today. Let our result-proven teaching methods help you develop interest in English, and boost your performance in school. Achieve steady consistent improvements, with private tutors from English Tuition In Singapore.

Putting the Fun in Fundamental English Principles

Essay-Writing Checklist

Home tutors from English Tuition In Singapore will help you accumulate an extensive vocabulary bank. You will learn how to master the English language by understanding and applying several fundamental principles:

Word Order

The sequence of words is critical when communicating in English because it can change the meaning of what you’re trying to convey or write.


Whether it’s using the full stop or the semicolon, getting punctuation wrong can change the entire meaning of a sentence. 


Tenses help indicate the connection between two or more time periods or the exact time an activity occurred.


The correct use of determiners is vital for forming meaningful statements or questions. 


Connectors are used to introduce, prioritise, make contrasts, show results, reason or compare.

Coherency and Flow

Coherency and flow is required in any speech or writing to ensure the movement of information is logical.

Vital Comprehension Techniques

How you read the passage and the question determines your success in achieving the highest marks for that section.

Have you ever felt frustrated when answering comprehension questions? 

It takes an astute mind to write good comprehension answers that the MOE teachers require you to do. 

Your home tutor from English Tuition In Singapore will teach you critical reading skills, to help you understand complex passages or tricky questions.

We will give you helpful feedback promptly because that is how learning is most effective. 

Our English tuition teachers have a simple philosophy: there is no learning when there is no engagement. Nobody wants to attend a home tuition lesson if the content is boring. 

Tutors from English Tuition In Singapore work hard to engage each of their students so that attending lessons is an activity that they look forward to and is also a fruitful use of the students’ time. 

Our extensive teaching experience and commitment to our own professional development is a testament to how we value our craft as teachers.

We take serious responsibility in imparting critical exam strategies that are needed (and highly relevant) for scoring much higher marks in every English exam.


Did you know?

The latest syllabus emphasizes critical and logical thinking skills in all of the subjects taught in MOE schools

The new syllabus requires students to:
➔ Read and understand difficult text with sophisticated use of sentence structure and vocabulary
➔ Respond analytically and calmly to a wide range of thought-provoking topics
➔ Apply strategies required by the MOE/SEAB when writing accurately in Standard English
➔ Use higher-order skills for idea generation, development and organisation to achieve intended effects and precision of expression in writing

Be Justifiably Confident In Your English Exams

Through component-specific targeted exercises, lessons by tutors from English Tuition In Singapore offer you the opportunity to master the principles of English at a deeper level. This further develops your ability and interest to read, speak and write the language confidently.

We build a solid language foundation for you through an extensive engaging activities that broaden your understanding of complex literary issues.

Preparation is the key to win every battle. Private tutors from English Tuition In Singapore will go through foundation concepts and advanced techniques in all test areas of the school exams, and in preparation for the PSLE and GCE O Level exams. To enable our students to perform to their potential, we prepare them for every eventuality. That means careful practice, knowledge acquisition and intensive revision.
Our proven methods complement the MOE Syllabus in the following ways:

Complete MOE Syllabus and Exam Requirements

Tutors from English Tuition Singapore aim to extensively boost academic performance and exam readiness and advanced language skills in precise and convincing writing. There will be a firm focus and active discussions on:

Grammar & Vocabulary

Learn exam strategies

Develop a wide variety of vocabulary and an understanding of the nuances of the English language that enable you to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

Build a deep understanding and proficiency of English

Understand the meaning of the words, expressions and composition structure. This is key to achieving fluency, along with the mastery of analytical skills and precise  pronunciation


Secure marks in comprehension questions with proven methods to help you read, understand and answer according to the requirements of the questions


Improve essay writing skill through examples, practice and helpful feedback from your tutor from English Tuition In Singapore
We focus on empowering our students with writing competence so that they grow as confident writers

Oral Listening Comprehension

Students are exposed to a wide range of listening comprehension tasks that enable them to listen to, understand and interpret the information given

You will learn how to present your tailored response to a visual stimulus and to link your general knowledge into the conversation. Through regular practice, you will develop confidence in presenting to the teacher/examiner and you will learn audience engagement strategies. You will be an effective and fluent  communicator of Standard English

You Will Learn and Master:

  • Accurate Sentences & Expressions

  • Common Expressions & Frequently Used Words

  • Complex Sentences

  • Comprehension Visual Text

  • Conditional Sentences

  • Connectors & Clauses

  • Direct & Indirect Speech

  • Editing

  • Grammar Cloze

  • Grammar Editing 

  • Grammar MCQ

  • Grammatical Error Identification

  • Passive Voice

  • Phrasal Verbs

  • Phrases

  • Relative Clauses

  • Relative Pronouns & Determiners

  • Reported Speech

  • Sentence Reconstruction

  • Sentences & Question Tags

  • Spelling & Editing

  • Subject Verb Agreement

  • Synthesis & Transformation

  • Tenses & Aspects

  • Verb Forms

  • Vocabulary

  • Vocabulary Cloze

  • Vocabulary MCQs

  • Word Order & Punctuation

  • Revision of important concepts

  • Answering Techniques

  • Author Intent Analysis

  • Chronological Sequencing, Comparison, Contrast & Topic Sentences

  • Comprehension Cloze

  • Comprehension Open Ended

  • Contextual Use of Words

  • Critical Reading

  • Critical Thinking Passages

  • Error Analysis

  • Expository & Personal Recount Passages

  • Grammar Cloze

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Key Information Interpretation & Extraction (Summary)

  • Inferential Methods

  • Inferential Questions

  • Information Evaluation & Reasoning

  • Intent Evaluation

  • Literal & Inferential Analysis 

  • Literary Analysis

  • Picture/Graphic Stimulus

  • Precise Answering Techniques

  • Question Type Identification

  • Visual Text Analysis

  • Vocabulary Cloze

  • Adaptation To Suit Different Purposes & Audiences

  • Clear Structures & Effective Persuasion Techniques

  • Coherent Content Summary

  • Concept Paraphrasing

  • Contextual Tone & Vocabulary

  • Continuous Writing

  • Convey Ideas That Are Clear, Logical, And Relevant To The Topic, With Accurate Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation And Appropriate Use Of Vocabulary

  • Creative Writing

  • Descriptive Language & Convincing Responses

  • Diverse Sentence Structures

  • Editing For Clarity Of Expression

  • Engaging Story Writing

  • Flashback, Foreshadowing, Twist, Hook & Characterization

  • Fluent Opinion Expression

  • Information Rearrangement (Summary)

  • Logical Responses

  • Plot Creation That Captures Reader Interest

  • Precise Words And Expressions

  • O Level And PSLE Practice In Essay Writing

  • Sequential & Logical Story Planning

  • Situational Writing: Learn To Write In Various Text Types Such As Letter, Email, Report, Postcard, Notice

  • Spelling & Punctuation

  • Story Construction Via Engaging Techniques

  • Active Discussions

  • Audience Engagement

  • Confidence Building

  • Fluent Communication

  • Global Perspective

  • Opinion Presentation

  • Persuasion Techniques

  • Reading Aloud​

  • Spoken Interaction (Share Thoughts, Opinions, Relations)

  • Standard Pronunciation 

  • Stimulus-Based Conversation​

Your private tutor from English Tuition In Singapore will give you comprehensive and thorough practice to target critical problem areas in exam papers
You will learn step-by-step thinking processes before attempting to solve difficult questions
This provides deeper understanding and confidence so that you are well-equipped for the actual exam
Students have a chance to reflect on their answers and learn from their mistakes
They develop a strong foundation of English skills for exam results and beyond

Our English tuition teachers will emphasize

  • Nurturing eloquent communicators in oral and written language

  • Embracing a whole language approach that supports students with all aspects of their language learning

  • Developing students who think creatively and critically about oral and written tasks

Analytical Skills

Extensive Boost

Nurturing Mentors

Year after year, tutors from English Tuition In Singapore prepare PSLE students with fundamental and advanced knowledge to tackle every aspect of their examination. You will gain analytical skills that are crucial to meet the evaluative concepts of PSLE and O Level English.

Our PSLE and O Level English intensive tuition drills on techniques and strategies crucial for scoring higher marks for PSLE and the O Levels. We reinforce essential concepts and answering skills to prepare you for each of the components within oral, writing, and comprehension.

Home tutors from English Tuition In Singapore have each scored A/A*/A1/A2 for their own PSLE and GCE O Level exams. Some of them have topped their class or cohort, and they have relevant university degrees in English. They are excellent role models, and can guide you to achieve your own A.

Critical Thinking And Higher Order Thinking Skills

In addition to learning the necessary language skills, you must also develop your  critical thinking and reasoning skills – which are very important particularly for the Comprehension section of the English exam.

Coupled with soft skills such as critical thinking and analysis, students are exposed to a world of both imaginative ideas and factual information to spruce their cognitive senses. Case studies, current affairs, world issues and other real-world topics would be incorporated in regular lessons to broaden the students’ perception of the world.
Tutors from English Tuition In Singapore will introduce students to complex passages and gear them to write clearly, critically and specifically. You will be taught higher order of thinking and specific writing practices drilling on precision and persuasive writing. Age-appropriate contents covered can include:
  1. Case study on local developments and/or around the world
  2. Global perspectives and current local issues
  3. Societal trends and norms
  4. Modern science and technology

Home tutors from English Tuition In Singapore prepare you with fundamental and advanced knowledge to tackle every aspect of your examination. You gain analytical skills crucial to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education/Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board for your important school or national exams.

Creative Thinking and Composition Writing

You will practice various relevant composition writing skills and idea generation techniques so that you will be equipped with a large collection of creative and novel ways to write essays, in preparation for your mid-year and final-term exams.  You will be exposed to various expository, descriptive, argumentative, and persuasive topics where the various writing techniques and strategies are explained.
Private tutors from English Tuition In Singapore quip you with critical thinking and reasoning skills. We focus on helping our students achieve their academic goals and examination readiness. Through active time management practiced consistently in our classes, you are able to pace through the exam paper effectively. You will be involved in open conversations on expository and persuasive topics where character development, scene setting and story telling methodologies are taught.

Skill-Centric Activities 

A continuous focus is emphasised on mastering the fundamental examination components of composition, comprehension and summary writing. Weekly lessons will drill and focus on technical skills and techniques:

  1. Preparation for you to read, think, write and converse logically and adequately with specific focus on descriptive, critical analysis, and persuasive writing
  2. Improve comprehension skills and higher order inquiry skills through question type analysis and recognition as well as strategic analytical thinking skills (inferential analysis)
  3. Sharpen and practice on summary writing skills on editing, paraphrasing/reconstructive sentences,  rather than restating or rewording. You will learn how to identify relevant information within the given text and how to retain essential information. You will learn to interpret given questions and link information with appropriate answers
  4. Instill/drill essential questioning skills to help you to develop alogical thought process and expressing opinions clearly 
  5. Critically read and evaluate information provided for comprehension (narrative) and visual text components

What Makes Tutors From English Tuition In Singapore Different

Skill Mastery

We craft each lesson differently to suit the learning capability of each of our students. This helps them to master necessary skills such as knowledge acquisition and analysis, vocabulary builders, comprehension cloze and open ended questions, composition and discursive skills. Tutors from English Tuition In Singapore are articulate and fully equipped with real-world skills which will help their students achieve greater heights.

Fluent Speaker

When we instill the love of language within our students, tutors from English Tuition In Singapore further incorporates creative thinking and real-life situations into the lessons. This enhances the student’s aural and verbal presentation ability and establishes a firm foundation of a fluent speaker.

Growth Mindset, By Tutors From English Tuition In Singapore

Each of our lessons is designed to make learning enjoyable and to help you to achieve outstanding exam results.

Bring out your inherent talent in the English language. 

Give yourself the support from an expert from English Tuition In Singapore, to further develop and improve your English skills.